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Video Quote Guide: How to Get a Quick Accurate Video Quote

So, you’re tasked with getting a video quote? Right off the bat, it can be daunting to translate an idea into an email. You don’t want to look like an amateur and be forced to answer a series of follow up question. Most people just want a video quote quick to get an idea of how much a video project costs.

This guide will help you articulate what you need to a potential supplier. If you follow this video quote guide, your supplier will be able to give you a realistic price. Ideally quickly and without needing a follow up phone call in most cases.

So, spending a little bit of time at the start distilling exactly what you want will save you and your supplier a potential headache down the line.

1. Send an example

Oftentimes the genesis for video projects sparks when someone sees a video they like.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody should copy a creative piece of work. However, if you have an example of something you love, it’s a good starting point to get a quote.

Let them know what you like about the example. More importantly, don’t be afraid to say what you don’t like about it. Maybe you like the pace of the edit, the music, the length, the drone shot at the start? Maybe you hate the use of transitions or the voice over artist, let the supplier know this from the start.

It’s critical your chosen supplier understands the quality you are expecting. Supplying an example you’ve seen saves everyone time. Almost instantly the supplier will be able to judge the type of equipment needed, the prep time required and how long it will take to edit the video.

Most importantly they will be able to judge if they are confident they will able to produce something so high-end. Conversely, if the quality of the video you send on is on the low side they might not even want to be involved.

2. Ask for options

It makes sense to get a couple of different prices. Once you’ve given your specific brief, simply ask for a couple of other options. Ask for a skeletal price, a middle of the road plus high-end. Usually you’re going to want to settle somewhere better the middle and high end option.

3. Ask for advice

If you’re happy to take feedback or suggestions, let your potential supplier know. Not everyone can’t be an expert and that’s fine. Maybe that amazing drone shot of the city skyline your manager absolutely needs might be easier to do with stock footage and save you €1,000 and half a day of shooting which can be invested elsewhere or saved entirely.

Recommended stock footage sites:

4. Be flexible

Shooting on a flexible day might save in the region of 15% of the total price of the project. Keeping production to one day instead of over three will likely save even more. If you let the supplier know you’re flexible they may be able to reduce cost of your video quote. If you have a singular vision and it has to be exactly like the brief then that is okay also, just let them know.

5. Ask for examples of work that match your requirements 

If it’s a video showcasing a property, then ask for an example of something similar. Most suppliers will have examples on their site but if you don’t see a matching project just ask. They may have shot a similar video project in the past. This example will give you an idea if they are a good fit for you.

Sometimes they’ll need to call…

I know, you just want a quick quote so why the phone call? Well, sometimes it saves everyone time if you’re able to chat on the phone for a minute or two. A five minute phone call to go over exactly what you’re after can helps a lot. So, if you have the time it might be a good option.

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