How much do you charge?
Wedding package prices range from €1,800 to €2,450. Check out our packages and get in contact with us for a quote. Corporate projects vary.
Do you require a deposit?
For weddings a deposit of €250 is required to save your date with the remainder to be paid either on or before the day of the wedding. Editing will not begin until payment has been made in full. We don’t take deposits to save dates without first talking at least on the phone. 


What coverage is included?
Weddings: In our gold package we include coverage from prep to an hour or so after dancing starts. The minimum coverage is from prep to just after the speeches. If you require more we also have optional add-ons.
How many people will be filming?
Weddings: As a base package we include two cinematographers. A third can be added on, the third person can be beneficial for set pieces, allowing for more interesting angles etc. To capture all the big and small moments to the standard we provide, two cinematographers are necessary in our opinion.


Are you free for my wedding date?
Please get in contact with us to find out if we’re available for your wedding date
What about LGBT weddings?
Love is love. We are happy to work with couples of any faith or sexuality.
Do you also do photography?
We offer corporate photography, please contact us with your projects. Weddings: We don’t offer stand alone wedding photography but we do extract stills in our Silver and Gold packages, these are still frames from the footage. Our cameras shoot in 4k video resolution, meaning we are able to extract high resolution still frames. We are constantly blown away by the quality of these frame grabs, but you can judge for yourself.


Do you shoot traditional or cinematic videos?
Weddings: We shoot cinematic wedding videos. The cinematic highlight video is our core product and what couples love the most. We don’t do ceremony only wedding videos.


Do you travel nationwide?
We are based in Dublin but travel where our work takes us. If your wedding is within Dublin, Louth, Kildare, Meath or Wicklow then travel is included in the price. Outside of those counties a small travel fee will apply depending on logistics of the day.
Do you travel internationally?
Yes, we love to do international weddings. Please contact us for a quote

The video

How long is your coverage?
Weddings: Each wedding is different, so we will work with you to decide start and stop time to fit your schedule. Usually coverage starts early before preparations start i.e. makeup.
What is the wedding highlight film?
This 4-7 minute video is the main film that we produce and is included in all our packages. This length is perfect because it is long enough to include the entire story of the day but short enough to captivate anyone. The highlight wedding video usually includes the most beautiful video clips and audio snippets from the day.
What is the extended archive film?
The Gold package includes an extended wedding film in chronological order and includes all the main sequences. This cut is meant to be a full account of your wedding. The length varies from 30-90 minutes depending on your wedding day.
How do you deliver the final video?
We deliver the final video electronically via a download link. We also offer Blu-Ray and USB delivery with some of our packages. Videos may also be hosted on Vimeo and YouTube. We try not to supply on DVD as this format is not adequate for full HD video.
What format will the final video be?
All our products are delivered in full 1080p HD.
What about raw footage?
If you would like the raw footage directly from the camera, we can supply it on an external hard-drive for €400. This includes all audio and video from the day.

On the day

What equipment do you use?
Equipment alone doesn’t make a cinematographer, however we use the latest 4k mirrorless cameras with top of the line prime lenses which give the crisp cinematic look our customers expect.
Do you have a drone?
Yes, we use the DJI Mavic Pro. It’s discrete and shoots in 4k. We love it 🙂
Do you require a meal?
We usually bring snacks to stay alive during the day and generally a meal is provided if we’re staying until the last dance. Bar food is more than adequate.


What music will be used?
We license a custom music score, meaning films can be shared on social media with no copyright issues. This is included in the price. Due to copyright laws, it’s not possible to use unlicensed chart music under any circumstances.
Can you use music from the ceremony, reception or afters?
Weddings: In almost all circumstances we will capture music throughout the day. If this music is an original piece from an artist performing at the wedding, and it suits the video, we may ask their permission to use it and have done exactly this in the past. We will never use another artists work without express permission from that artist, it’s only fair. If background music is inadvertently picked up in your footage, we generally try not to use that audio in the highlight. YouTube will immediately pick up on copyrighted background music, even a cover by your wedding band.


What do you edit with?
Weddings: After the wedding, all footage is immediately backed up to multiple hard drives to ensure safety. Our studio edits your wedding video using a combination of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and we do the entire production in-house. We aim to get the final product to you as fast as possible while not compromising the creative process. You won’t see any weird transitions, questionable colour grading choices or fake lens flares with us. Our style is subtle and cinematic.
How long does the edit take?
We aim to get the final product to you as fast as possible while not compromising the creative process. Generally we try to get the highlight video to you within four to six weeks of the wedding so you can enjoy it when you get back from your honeymoon. We will keep you up to date with the edit throughout the process, giving you some tasters along the way.


Who sees the footage?
Your footage is for your eyes only, unless you agree that we can share some of the footage online. We sometimes use still images from the day to promote on social media.
Are you insured?
We have full public liability insurance up to €7m which is sufficient for all venues.

Still have questions?

We are always happy to chat so please feel free to contact us